Advanced Functional Ms. Excel For Healthcare Professionals

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About Course

  1. Why Study Ms. Excel

Data is the 21st century gold and any professional seeking to remain relevant in this age must be data drive and evidence based.
Ms. Excel is one of the analytics tools easily accessible to almost any professional and its masterly have been considered one of the career growth accelerator catalyst.
These days almost any job requires data analysis & presentation of results. While anyone can put a list of values in Excel & sum them up, not everyone can do advanced analysis, create interactive charts, summarize data intelligently using Power Suite tools, and finally present output in stunning Dashboards.

This course is a guide with simple step-by-step instructions to walk you through creating business intelligence reports and dashboards in Excel, quickly and efficiently. This course has been created with the version of Microsoft Excel 2016 but it is compatible with older versions of Excel.

You will find our revised Advanced Ms. Excel training (2020 Version) very unique and easy to master by every professional since it focuses on very practical application of Excel tools in the real-life enterprise.

• Improve on daily productivity in data related tasks by over 40%
• Be a valuable talent by modeling data driven innovation through data insights.
• Build analytical, data communication and presentation skills
• Enhanced career visibility and talent relevance in data driven 21st century disruptions

We wish a transformation Learning Experience !!!! As you become a data driven professional. !!!

Important Note: The Lessons are mapped in a progressive order and therefore you must mark the previous lesson as complete before progressing to the next lesson. You will see c Complete Lesson button in every lesson page.

This course is jointly offered in partnership with SevenSprings Hub, a premier healthcare management company offering holistic case management solutions and consultancy services within the healthcare sector.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Data Modeling, Data transformations/ manipulation techniques using Ms. Excel
  • 2. Data Analysis and predictive analytics using Ms. Excel
  • 3. Basic Automations using Macros
  • 4. Excel Power Suite: i.e. Excel Powequery, Power Pivot and Powerview (The Excel Data modeling game changer)
  • 5. Data Visualization, Interactive KPI Dashboards & Data storytelling

Course Content

Topic 1: Introduction to Ms. Excel (2016,2019,365)

  • Topic#1 Notes: Introduction to Ms. Excel
  • Assignments1: Introduction to Ms. Excel
  • Video Tutorial – Session 1 of 6
  • Introduction to Ms. Excel

Topic 2: Data Modeling in Excel

Topic 3: Data Analytics Using Ms. Excel

Topic 4: Data Visualization, Excel Dashboards and Data Storytelling

Topic 5: Business Solution Modelling and Predictive Analytics Using Ms. Excel

Topic 6: Data Automations using Macros

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