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Module 3 – Value Based Case & Claims Management
Cost - containment Vs High Value Care? Which comes first for the Case Manager? What is STEEP and how does it resonate with the New Era of Value Based Care and Claims
Module 5 – Skilful Communications
Do's and Don'ts of Communication. It takes you to control your responses, how to skillfuly communicate even while handling tough , nagging clients and have a Win!
Module 6 – The Leader: Case Manager
Leadership begins with You! Its all about Self Governance. What is your Leadership style and how do you continually inspire yourself and those you are leading?
Executive Group Coaching
The essence of coaching is "Change" whether its something we do or the way we think. I am passionate in seeing you be the best version of yourself. Focused Goal setting, deepening awareness of key issues around, Vision boarding, taking action and accountability form part of this inspiring and engaging group coaching session.
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    Please watch these two video tutorials covering the Predictive analytics assignments:

    1. Simple linear regression in Ms. Excel 
    2. Using Linear forecasting equation in Ms. Excel.
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