Certified Online Learning Facilitator

Certified Online Learning Facilitator.

Online facilitation involves enabling and promoting learning and knowledge transfer in an online environment catalyzed by interaction with and amongst the learners using highly interactive online learning activities

This certification programs helps you acquire practical mastery skills in online learning facilitation in order to realize value and engagement through a practically simulated blended learning approach.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Practically comprehend and contextualize effective application of various online learning methods (pedagogies).
  • Identify and execute various learners engagement and support strategies in an online learning environment.
  • Measure and evaluate online learning effectiveness.





Product Details

This course if for you if:

  1. You are a training / Elearning  provider, who seek to leverage opportunities in online learning economy.
  2. You are a HRBP, HRM, L&D, Development professional and wish to catalyze online learning facilitation for your organization.
  3. You are a Line Manager or a business leader exploring to build your effectiveness in on job learning engagements with your team
  4. You are a business leader, consultant who wish to start merchandising through effective online learning services online.