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Week 3: Role Scoping
In this lesson, we will go through role scoping and its importance towards effective recruiting and successful hires
Week 4: Talent Sourcing
This topic will cover various online talent sourcing tools and how to build an effective sourcing strategy
Week 5: Candidate Outreach
In this topic we will demonstrate how to reach out to potential candidates and measure the effectiveness of the sourcing strategy
Week 7: Online Assessments & Recruitment Success Metrics
This topic will look at online assessments and various platforms for conducting online assessments as well as look at how to measure the success of the recruitment process
Week 8: Onboarding
This topic will cover virtual on-boarding and best tools to use.
Certified Online Recruiter (CORĀ©)
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In this lesson we will:

  1. Introduce and discuss Employer Branding
  2. Learn how to cultivate and implement a positive Employer Brand

Learning resources;

  1. Lesson notes – attached in PDF
  2. Powerpoint slides – attached in PDF
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