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About Course

The number of chronically and seriously ill individuals is growing with various medical conditions falling through the cracks due to the complex healthcare systems. Whilst quality care remains paramount, spiraling healthcare costs continue to be a challenge for out of pocket payments, insurances, and in-house medical schemes. The pivotal link to the access to quality, cost-effective, and safe care within the complex health eco-system is the case manager.

The course is designed to provide essential skills, technical knowledge, and Leadership training that is transformational and inspirational, building on the business and professional acumen of the health/case manager.

‘GROW-ON-THE-GO’ advanced Case Manager’s Level 102 has been designed to cater to the fast-paced profession of the case manager providing an overall panoramic view of case management.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Outline the Concepts, Principles & Philosophy of case management.
  • 2. Classification of value based case & claims management to specific populations/clients and various practice settings.
  • 3. Demonstrate management of the revenue circle from underwriting to claims management and its components.
  • 4. Illustrate importance of data analytics in healthcare management.
  • 5. Identify the Power of influence and Persuasion in the Leadership role of Case Management.
  • 6. Understand the power of vision as a leader impacting the health ecosystem,

Course Content

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Case Management
The focus of this course module is to lay the groundwork for understanding the scope of case management and the distinctions that answer the question: What is case management?

  • Lesson 1:1 History and Diversity of Case Management
  • Lesson 1:2 Distinguish Between Case Management and Managed Care
  • Lesson 1:3 Apply elements of effective Case Management
  • Q1

Module 2 – Case Management Pipeline
Understanding the revenue cycle in any business is key for the case manager, what does the case manager have to do within the medical business pipeline? And why does the case manager participate in the multi-layered functions?

Module 3 – Value Based Case & Claims Management
Cost - containment Vs High Value Care? Which comes first for the Case Manager? What is STEEP and how does it resonate with the New Era of Value Based Care and Claims

Module 4 – Big Data and Analytics for Healthcare Management
Fat or Slim Data? What is the role of Big Data in Case Management? Can you predict certain patterns of disease/ailments or performance of your medical book? This Module seeks to answer this and much more!

Module 5 – Skilful Communications
Do's and Don'ts of Communication. It takes you to control your responses, how to skillfuly communicate even while handling tough , nagging clients and have a Win!

Module 6 – The Leader: Case Manager
Leadership begins with You! Its all about Self Governance. What is your Leadership style and how do you continually inspire yourself and those you are leading?


Executive Group Coaching
The essence of coaching is "Change" whether its something we do or the way we think. I am passionate in seeing you be the best version of yourself. Focused Goal setting, deepening awareness of key issues around, Vision boarding, taking action and accountability form part of this inspiring and engaging group coaching session.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 Ratings
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Wendy Saalu
3 years ago
Kudos to Effie and her team.They have a great wealth of information and a lot of passion. I came in as a skeleton but left as an obese person full of knowledge. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in personal growth in the industry.
3 years ago
The course is well designed and very impactful. Effie Kagendo as the facilitor is very knowledgeable, insightful and forward thinking. Her invited guest speakers are also top notch with a wealth of knowledge in their specialized fields. I highly recommend the course to all seasoned and upcoming case managers.
3 years ago
Loved everything about this course. The facilitator was well prepared and went extremely out of her way to prepare everything on time. content was personalized to fit the required needs.
would recommend to anyone who is aspiring to work in the insurance industry.
3 years ago
I would recommend this course to everyone in the insurance industry or aspiring to be in the industry. The lessons learnt are very important and insightful.
The Facilitator Effie Kagendo is perfect at her job. She ensures all are areas are well captured and understood.
She will go that extra mile to ensure the course is impactful. It has been a great experience for me and I highly recommend this course.

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